Computer Engineering Department

Computer Engineering Department is one of the five departments approved by the establishment of our faculty, is active in adapting our University and our country to the rapidly developing Information Technologies and having a say in this field by enabling the production of effective, applicable solutions with the Computer Science approach to the complex problems that are difficult to solve in different disciplines.

The Computer Science department offers theoretical and practical courses on Hardware and Software. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in projects that collaborate with the University-Industry to gain hands-on experience and become experts in the field of Computer Engineering, which is highly sought after by the industry. The department aims to admit students in undergraduate and graduate programs to achieve this goal, and efforts are underway to establish these programs.

Researchers can reach the Academic Cooperation Call of the Computer Engineering Department and contact our faculty ( ).

​Research Areas

Research areas of the Computer Engineering Department are listed but not limited.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Mining
  • Computational Science
  • Internet of Things
  • Network and Communication Protocols
  • Digital Twin Systems

​Research Groups
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence Systems Research Group
  • Next Generation Communications Technologies Research Group